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Welcome to the new Ladywood Leisure Centre website!

“Run by the community for the community”

Ladywood Leisure Centre is a community managed facility in Penicuik. It is run as a social enterprise by the Penicuik Community Sport and Leisure Foundation. Our mission is to be a resource for the people in and around Penicuik, offering social, recreational, educational and training opportunities with a view to healthy living and responsible citizenship and supporting local business and enterprises.

What is Ladywood Leisure Centre?

  1. Ladywood is a community sport and leisure centre.
  2. It is governed by a voluntary board of directors.
  3. We offer sport, social clubs and activities.
  4. We are a registered charity.
  5. We have meeting space.
  6. We have 2.5 staff and around 20 volunteers which keep the centre operating.
  7. We offer children’s birthday parties.
  8. We hold special events including wrestling and dog shows.

Operating Principles and Values

* We are inclusive, we turn no-one away and endeavour to support those of our fellow citizens and organisations who request our help or whose needs can be identified.

* We aim to provide a friendly and helpful service to Penicuik people which is in tune with our mission statement: “Run by the community for the community”

* We pay our way. We strive to balance expenditure and earned income.

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